To John Wheeler, Fitness is Contagious

May 22, 2016
FitnessOne reflects John Wheeler’s vision of how a health club can be more than just a health club. To be effective, it has to do more than help people lose weight or develop chiseled features. That is likely why it has become one of the most successful chains of fitness and health clubs based in Toronto, Ontario.

It is absolutely the case that FitnessOne is unlike almost any other health or fitness clubs. While they started out catering to women, the fact of the matter is, the club has become a lot more than that, as it is now open to everyone, regardless of age, race or creed, but also regardless of your size or personality type.

Because of John Wheeler’s approach to overall wellness, no one is too unhealthy to benefit from the FitnessOne equipment and programs. People who once thought they were too overweight, too old or too weak have found a home at FitnessOne and they are now healthier.

To John Wheeler, fitness is simply far too important to leave to young, thin and healthy people. His creation, FitnessOne, enables people to get into shape and stay there by providing them with ways to improve their overall health and wellness.